‘The Soul Release Project’ is simply about expressing your personal truth without fear within an alternative ‘spiritual’ context. I specialize in writing unique  ‘meditation music’ offering you an alternative experience. Incorporating, chant & dance influences, melodious guitar lines, whilst combining heart felt poetry too for the minds reflection that takes you on a therapeutic, beautiful & sometimes challenging journey . Inspired by my traveling in India in 2007 I fell in love with the practice of ‘Chant’ & its many influences but I also chant in English embracing my own language & culture to. The music comes to me, usually after strong experiences & during meditations, I never force it I simply get out of the way & the music writes it self usually in complete form very quickly, this is ‘chillout music’ that is truly from divine inspiration. Simply go to the pageAbout the music & see what category resonates with you! I like to collaborate with spoken word artists & other musicians too, helping people find their ‘Soul Release’ so if you have a message you want to work on please don’t hesitate to get in touch!  If you are looking to advance your spiritual practice then this is also the home for you!  You will find advanced meditations for self development going deeper within discovering new layers for growth & healing. I also sell much needed harmonisers for all your electrical equipment & much more! Find out more about ‘the Soul Release Project’ inside…..

Please feel free to contact me for any further enquiries you may have at: soulrelease@ymail.com



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