MAYBE (1450X1450 300 PIX)

A song written for that special some one way back in 2006.

Its an open unashamed expression of the heart written & recorded in one evening & I gave her the song the next day! 

Us poets live & die by spontaneous romantic gestures of the heart….we just can’t help our selfs!

Its a personal track but Im happy to share it with you rather than it being locked away in the vaults.

Hopefully it will make you smile & maybe even share it with another too.



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REASON (1450X1450 300 PIX)


Another unashamed song of Love & perfect for this Valentines day! Written way back in 1999 & recorded on a 4 track tape recorder it is raw & unpolished but honest in its delivery. This is truly a love song of my heart for the Lady in my life at that point.

Listening back now to these lyrics it brings a smile to my heart as old emotions arise & memories float on by so I cherish the moment and now it reads as a Love song to God. Its funny how time & perspective

changes things & brings the old birthing into a new light.



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