An expansive explorative album on the transitions of change.

This is a true alternative meditation chill out musical experience,

helping you to go deeper in your own spirituality

enabling your personal soul release & exploring your inner truth.

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Watch the video to sample the journey within.


1. Transitions

2. Soon

3. Cancerian

4. Maxine Still Standing



All tracks originally written, produced, mixed & mastered by Edgar James between 2002 & 2005



* “I was quite nervous, its calmed as well as enlightening my soul.”

* “Like listening to your prayers!”

* “Im seeing the moonlight shining across the ocean & up the palm tree lined beach”




‘Transitions’ has brought back many memories whilst working
whilst working on the video for this release as it was very personal
for me at the time so this project still remains very close to my heart.

Looking back on my work that I have be remastering & preparing one of the
things that has striked me more than ever is how different each project is
to the next. This is something that I always persist & endeavour to try to
keep true to, not to be caught up in style or a set way of thinking but to
continualy honestly express my self from the point of creation brewing.

So here is Transitions, it has proven to be a very popular release over the
years whilst selling them at spiritual fayres, people looking for an
alternative meditation always seem to be entrigued by it. There is a lot of
deep inner beauty to be found here even if it maybe unconventional, if you
go on the journey it is certainly a very different expansive experience!



This track was written after taking refuge in a ceremony to become a Buddhist at that point.

The music flew out of me with a new found energy, its the sound of change, the sound of a new life beginning.

I remember clearly driving home & being overcome by emotion the new feeling was so strong & when I got home I just new their was this song waiting to give birth.



This is a track about the death of old soon passing into the new.



This is the sound of my soul at that point of my life, it unfolds in a transitional journey over 17 minutes in length & is written in the key of F,

which is the musical vibration for Cancerians & the key of the heart Chakra. This track goes through a journey of many layers & finishes in the sound of love.

This is a very personal track to me & again came to me with out thought.


MAXINE….Still Standing

This track flew out of me after a Reiki session, it is dedicated to my Reiki therapist who picked me up & set me on my spiritual journey.

This has healing energy flowing all the way through it & is perfect to finish a meditation or lift the mood & also works great as a dance therapy!















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