2006 SRM:02     SOUL RELEASE

A brave soul searching album full of heart & emotion.

A journey from darkness to light a truly empowering experience for those who get on the ride…



A deep meditation & contemplation on isness

No accident by design, no freedom thats not mine, no eyes that hold no sight, no time that hides no light….

The lyrics for this song are a about acceptance & a deep contemplation about the turning of a page ……a new life. Written after the final gig with my old band ‘Maudib’ held at ‘Mr Kyps’ in 2003, it was just me & my singer Phillip Lee that night, we played our last 2 songs together in front of an intimate folk crowd & what turned out to be one of our best performances, the atmosphere was tingling there was something special in the air & we ended things feeling that we had come full circle.

My guitar playing on this song was inspired & channeled by the late great Eddie Hazel from Funkadelic. Its simply a raw, heart felt cry out of my soul. This track is very special in my memories & made its original debut on my first album entitled ‘Soul Release’.

As with all Soul Release Meditations the words & sounds you hear are not about me but your own inner contemplation & realiseations too where ever that may lead you.

I would to thank you for taking a moment to watch & listen to something very personal too me. ENJOY !!! xx

Lyrics 2003, music composed, performed, recorded, mixed & mastered by Edgar James 2006

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