By Edgar James

In Gods magnificence & splendour,
All is revealed,
Nothing can hide.
There exists no walls,
No boundaries,
No presence of deceit,
For everything is glory and truth.
And love knows only to be love,
In its expression and being.
And in the dance of light,
Hands are held,
For there is no other way!
As the realisation is in the truth of the eternal heart,
As we are its mirror in knowing,
When we see its reflection of home,
How can we live any other way?
Other than reaching out for souls,
Helping each other home,
As true beings of peace,
Is this not the peace way?



By Edgar James

And as I let go of the very thing that I have let me cause disharmony,
I realise that everything
is a path way to peace that I have not yet walked.
You can not control peoples actions towards you,
But you are the controller of your reactions towards them.
Now everybody that comes onto your path is your teacher,
But do you choose to keep learning your lessons from the unkind,
Keeping yourself entangled in anothers web,
Feeding a need for control and superiority?
Or do you choose your teachers with wisdom?
The people of support & strength,
Helping to build an inner temple
of all that you can be in the glory of Gods image?
For in that is the essence of peace it self!
Oneness with the beloved,
And that is grace it self!
For in thy eternal home,
True peace is known.



By Edgar James

Go now go!
For the peace that you seek can not be found.
It is who you are beyond the perception of your self.
It is the very essence of you that is from the Divine!
It is not the images that you have held onto,
That what has given you a taste is only but a gateway
to a peace far greater than you could ever contain.
But let that knowledge of greatness be a comfort,
A reservoir to call upon,
To wash in,
To be cleansed by.
For that peace exists eternally,
And it will hold you and bring and loose all you need,
And set you free from all that is a disturbance to your destiny.
Where within lies your personal peace.
Divine peace,
Gods spark.
So let that ignite!
Let it start a fire that is truth and glory!
Where no false hood can stand!
And that is indeed a fearless state,
That is peace,
Living your life in Gods peace.
Thy eternal love that transcends time!
The love that birthed you into being!
And for you to realise the truth from which you were sent!
There in you will give praise!
When the realisation is met,
You will rest in thy eternal peace of thy Heavenly realms!
Thy angels trumpet thy Glory!
And I am with you my friend.



Edgar James

Can we really understand God as fallen souls, can we really be arrogant enough to grasp Gods splendor? Is Gods design not a weave of magical cloth unknown to the hands of mankind? So how can we read the message of the Lord & expect a literal page?




Edgar James

When we share

We express a smile from soul to soul

A window from God

A spark of the Divine

A realisation of oneness

When we share

It is love in action

It transcends indifference

It is not built of boundaries conditioned by the mind of man

Held onto a clique of false idealism

When the basic principles are not even manifested

in the hearts by those that proclaim to be of light

And as the spark is of the one

And its truth is within the heat

Just as the sun shines its light

It is beyond simply light

Rays absorbed

Nutrients nourished

Denial cannot dine

I stop & give thanks to the

Universal reservoir of the Golden Mind

Then I see a waterfall purifying over Beingkind

And I wonder why people are motionless in their watching?

Don’t they know the water is beyond Divine?

A fear of what lies behind?

Or hypnotized by a tranquil mind?

Where is the celebration from one to another?

Where is the sharing of gifts?

Where is the realization in the giver of the gift?

Ah behold behold for the eyes are fixed & the beings are in awe

And the motion of joy is slow to manifest

And in some the overflow is not even seen

And there are those who hold onto their insecurities and are not able to join into the union of another’s dance of light

So they go about the garden blind and unreceptive to beings of a different light

And nature keeps budding life with out prejudice

Just as the plants & trees bears its fruits out of stillness

No conflict is insight

Openly displayed for mankind

Here too God shows sharing signs

For what is nature but a teacher to the conditioned mind?



Edgar James


Ah so colours are shown,

And what is preached of love shows no foundation or home,

Just an image,

A projected picture show,

Gossip of venom,

A revelation of quality,

Expecting to be liked with no gesture in return,

Now the mirror reflects truth,

An open soul will see & delight into action,

Your cliques do nothing but limit you,

Come & dance with unity,

Wanting people to serve you like your Lording on the throne,

Climb down now!

…. see how peaceful it is here?

Communication is a bridge to love,

Never be afraid to ask even if your ego will not allow it,

Shh listen now listen……listen……there it is!

The silence is more beautiful than you can imagine,

Has its wonders not been heard?

Its happening all around you!

Be in the unity of love with you actions & words

Hold out an open hand of invite

You don’t need games to rule your life,

Making it absurd.

Keep in the simplicity of kindness.

When hearts talk

Love beats rhythms entwining in dance,

& new worlds are created

The celebration has begun!



Edgar James


Happiness is love in God

Happiness is using my blessings for the service of the Lord

Happiness is a family that loves each other in expression of action

Happiness is the waves of the sea washing my pain away

Happiness is a cappuccino on a cold wet winters day

Happiness is Khalil Gibran, Mary Haskell & me philosophizing over a cup of tea

Happiness is love unknown waiting in transcendental plains of reality

Happiness is mankind sharing without condition as with the sight of the blind

Happiness is when my body perishes & the Lord raises me to his light to know that happiness is no word that I can find


By Edgar James


And the sunlight reflects on the waves like angels dancing

with memories of a joy from beyond the deep.

How brilliant they tirelessly play as the sea rolls in its gentle peace.

Hidden knowings of power if God should reveal its commanding bliss!

Should I not let this moment take me to where I need to be?

I let go now & so is the merging of creativity simply being.

The wind starts to chill yet inner peace knows no need to cover,

But have I not been wrapped in warmth

from which this moment that you have sent me?

I leave and thank this moment for connecting me

to what is always a part of me,

This vast beautiful magical sea.

I am blessed in your grace from which thy presence knows me.

And now as the angels of light that danced so bright start to fade away,

I look back knowing that this love is free & I can have it everyday!

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